Served with home fries, fresh fruit salad, or house salad

The Great Scott  8.50
3 Eggs any style, bacon, and sausage served with white, wheat or rye toast

Nick's Breakfast Burrito  9 
3 Eggs, bacon, cheddar, grilled onions, and sweet   or hot peppers served in a white tortilla wrap with salsa and sour cream

Brett's Breakfast Sandwich  9.50
3 Eggs scrambled with grilled roast beef, onions, sweet or hot peppers, mozzarella cheese, and hot sauce served open faced on a round roll

Sophie's Omelet  9
3 Egg omelet with feta cheese, tomatoes, and spinach served with white, wheat, or rye toast

Taproom Brunch Sliders  10
3 sliders served on a bun
Bacon, Egg & Cheddar
Spinach, Egg & Swiss
Sausage & Cheddar

Mr. Cooper’s Eggs Benedict  9.50
2 Poached eggs and Taylor ham on a toasted English muffin topped with hollandaise sauce 

Julie’s Quiche of the Day  9
Mom’s homemade quiche made fresh daily with different fixings  
Ask your server for today’s quiche

Liz’s Kitchen Sink  9
Mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, and French fries served on a club roll and toppedwith melted mozzarella and marinara sauce

Chuck’s French Toast  8
Thick cut French toast topped with fresh fruit, powdered sugar, and whipped cream

Ma’s Quesadilla  9
Scrambled eggs, spinach, red onions, corn and Vermont sharp cheddar in a grilled flour tortilla
Available with Gluten Free Tortilla +1



Served with white, wheat, or rye toast and home fries, fresh fruit salad, or house salad

Select a Meat
Taylor Ham

Select a Cheese

Select Veggies
Hot or Sweet Peppers
Roasted Red Peppers



The Caesar Salad  9
With Chicken  11

Romaine lettuce, grated parmesan cheese and croutons tossed in Caesar dressing served with pita bread

The Cobb Salad  9
With Chicken  11

Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, Gorgonzola cheese, hard boiled egg, and chopped bacon served with pita bread



Sandwiches served with homemade chips

The Crispy Chicken  7.50 / 9.50
Chicken cutlet, Swiss, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard on a hard roll / hero

The Cuban!  7.50 / 9.50
Pulled pork, grilled ham, Swiss, spicy mustard, and pickles on a grill pressed roll / hero

The Spicy  7.50 / 9.50
Grilled chipotle chicken, Muenster cheese, bacon, grilled onions, sweet peppers, and chipotle mayo on a club roll / hero

The Mozzie  7 / 9
With Chicken  9 / 11

Fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar on a ciabatta roll / hero

Fish & Fries  8
Golden haddock served with French fries and homemade tartar sauce

Paul’s Chicken Salad Croissant  7.50
Homemade chicken salad topped with lettuce, sliced grapes, and walnuts on a croissant

The Reuben  7.50 / 9.50
Grilled pastrami, Swiss, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing on rye toast / hero

The Turkey BLT  9
Turkey, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, yellow American cheese, and mayo layered on three slices of rye toast

8 wings served with carrots and celery sticks
Old Fashioned Buffalo  9
Honey Hot  9
BBQ  9

The Burger  8.50
Handcrafted with lettuce, tomato, onion, and American cheese on a brioche roll served with homemade chips



French Fries  2.50
Onion Rings  3.50
Sweet Potato Fries  3.50

Fresh Fruit Salad  4

Bacon or Sausage  4
Phyla’s Home Fries  3
Buttered Toast  3

White, wheat or rye



Eggs, Bacon & Home Fries  6
French Toast & Home Fries  6

Hot Dog & Fries  6.50
Grilled Cheese & Fries  6.50


See you in the Taproom!